My Dachshund, Rex

Although this post isn’t about fashion, it is about another subject that is near and dear to my heart – my wiener dog, Rex. Nic and I rescued him a year and a half ago from a local rescue organization, Dachshund Rescue of Los Angeles (DRLA). We first welcomed Rex into our home as fosters for DRLA, ready to give him all the TLC we could provide until we found the right family to adopt him. Little did we know we’d fall in love with him within the first week. Two weeks later, we ended up adopting him.

My love for dachshunds started with my nephew dog, Cooper, a mini dachshund my sister and brother-in-law got 6 years ago. My sister, Jessica, and I didn’t grow up with any pets (unless you count the goldfish I got from a fair, which only made it a year or so), so I didn’t exactly know what goes into caring for a pet, including the time and money. I started researching becoming a foster so I could get an idea of the responsibilities of owning and caring for a dog before making the full commitment, which I recommend to anyone who is not sure if they’re ready to be a fur mom or dad.

When Nic and I first brought Rex in, it was a big adjustment. There was the potty training, which entailed us coming home or waking up to little surprises on our white carpet or custom-made couch. We soon learned he has a lot to say and is a high jump champ after going through crate training and putting up gates to set boundaries. Despite the sleepless nights and potty accidents, we decided together we were ready to be Rex’s forever home. The love, laughter, and joy he brings into our home far outweigh the not-so-glamorous aspects of being a dog owner.

We couldn’t imagine our life without him. He has taught us patience, love, and how to be a stronger team. If you’re thinking about getting an animal, please consider adopting one. There are so many with rescue organizations and at shelters that need homes. They will change your life for the better! If you’re not quite ready for the commitment of adopting one, you can volunteer with an organization or at a shelter, donate to your local rescue or shelter of choice, and/or foster one (or 2!). If you’re in L.A., I recommend looking into No-Kill Los Angeles (NKLA) (you may see me there soon as I plan to volunteer there!). To find a no-kill shelter near you, check out No Kill Network. If you’re considering fostering or adopting an animal, please feel free to contact me with any questions, or if you’ve already adopted one, please share your experience with me!


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