Mother’s Day Gift Guide

I love the month of May because I get to celebrate my mom twice in one month once on Mother’s Day and another on her birthday, which happens to fall on or right around Mother’s Day.

I’d like to think I got my fashion sense from my mom, despite the fact that we sometimes have different tastes. She taught me to always put on lipstick and dress like I’m meeting the queen, even when just going to the grocery store. “You never know who you’re going to see or meet,” she would say. “It could be your ex-boyfriend or future husband.” She’s the only woman I know who refuses to wear anything but heels and doesn’t own a pair of sweats. I’ve tried to get her to wear flats to no avail. (Even after she broke her leg years ago talk about diehard sophisticate!)

When it comes time to shop for her gifts for Mother’s Day and her birthday, my sister and have stuck to two categories — handbags and shoes. But this year, we wanted to try to think outside of the box and get something she wouldn’t expect. Here are my Top 10 Mother’s Day/birthday gifts for mom that are timeless and elegant, which describe my mom to a T:

  1. Kennebunk Home Throw: For those cozy nights at home. (In my mom’s case, watching a marathon of Chinese soap operas with my dad.)
  2. Chanel Earrings: You know, to match her Chanel necklace, purse, and shoes. 😉
  3. Vosges Haut Chocolat Chocolate: When See’s Candies just won’t cut it. (I’d choose their dark chocolate covered raisins any day, just saying.)
  4. La Mer Crème de la Mer: With a cult-like following, it’s gotta be the closest thing to the fountain of youth in a bottle.
  5. Natori Nightgown: It may be a more practical gift, but it is as pretty as it is comfortable (and subtly sexy).
  6. Hermes Scarf: No, it’s not a Birkin, but still screams classy and luxe. It’s Hermes. Enough said.
  7. Jo Malone Cologne: From floral and flirty to spicy and woody, you can choose from dozens of fragrances to find the perfect one for mom. (My mom’s fave is Orange Blossom.)
  8. The Little Market Gift Box: What could be better than celebrating your mom with a unique gift, while giving back to the artisans (and their families) who made it?
  9. Kate Somerville Skin Health Experts Treatment: Cause what mom wouldn’t want to get pampered, especially where “Hollywood’s most photographed faces” go?
  10. An Experience: Whether your mom is an adventurer or needs some quality R&R, you can find an experience that suits her fancy.

Do you have go-to gifts for your mom, whatever the occasion may be? What do you do to celebrate your mom?

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    Debby Chang

    Having Jessica and you as daughters is the best gift I have ever got! Thank you!

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      Love you, mom! We love to spoil you!

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    Jessica Irish

    Love these ideas and pics (but I may be a little biased :P)! Great variety of gift ideas!

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      Thanks, Jessica (biased or not ;)!

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