Breaking Out of Your (Fashion) Comfort Zone

If you know my sister, Jessica, you would say she’s outgoing and an adventure-seeker and risk-taker. But when it comes to fashion, she’s quite the introvert. She tends to gravitate toward the same type of clothing and stick with neutral colors. So each time I visit her, I do a mini closet cleanse (to my brother-in-law’s delight) and styling session in which I put together a few outfits with pieces we decide to keep. But I always make sure she’s not only comfortable, but also confident in what she’s wearing.

During my last visit, I styled a few outfits with classics as the foundation:

Take leopard print — a timeless trend that never goes out of style. I decided to pair her leopard print blazer with a red blouse to create a standout look for work. If a subtler approach is more your jam, dress the print down with a simple black cami and dark denim.

A white striped shirt is another classic (and, in my book, a closet essential). I chose to mix it with an olive green cargo jacket, but if you’re ready for a bolder look, go with florals, plaids, or more stripes. (It basically goes with everything!)

Alongside the jean jacket, the bomber is a year-round staple. Here I took a dressier, modern take on the classic and gave it a casual flare with her white denim. You can just as easily glam it up with a high-waisted pencil skirt.

So, the main takeaway? Arm yourself with classics in your wardrobe. They might just be what you need to break out of your comfort zone.


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