Kurating the New Year

With the New Year in full swing come feelings of excitement and optimism for what’s to come. Making resolutions is expected, but it can be daunting and discouraging if you don’t end up fulfilling them, and oftentimes you may not know where or how to even start. For me, I like to start Day 1 of the New Year with creating space in my closet and home by doing a “cleanse” of what no longer serves me or makes me happy/feel good. I like to think that by creating space in my closet and home, I let go of anything emotionally, physically, or mentally taxing and create space for new opportunities, adventures, and positivity to come in to my life.

Cleaning out your closet in it of itself can be a dreaded task, but trust me, when you commit to it you’ll be so happy you did. After my closet cleanse, I was left with pieces that I feel good in and that I get excited to wear.

To help get you started with your closet cleanse, here are 6 things to bid adieu to:

1. Undergarments with holes

2. Clothes that have stains or are damaged beyond repair

3. Items you haven’t worn in over a year and that you can’t create at least 3 outfits with

4. Pieces that don’t fit you well, are not worth getting tailored, and/or no longer represent your style

5. Anything you don’t feel confident in

6. Shoes you’ve outworn or have only worn once because they kill your feet after 10 minutes of wearing them

As hard as it may be to part with certain items, just remember you’re creating space for something new to come in!

Stay tuned for more tips on how to clean out your closet, revamp it with clothes you already have, and essential pieces to have in your closet.

What do you think of making resolutions? How do you create space?

First Outfit: Free People dress | Second Outfit: Paige Denim overalls | Third Outfit: Theory blazer (similar)

Anna Gonda Photography

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