How to Jump-Start Your Next Closet Cleanse

Anna Gonda Photography

In last week’s post I touched on shopping your own closet as an alternative to fast fashion and a way to go green. Well, it spurred an unplanned, albeit much-needed, reassessment of my wardrobe. There I was standing in front of my closet not knowing where to start (anyone with me?). I decided to practice what I preach with my clients and go through this simple (and more importantly, painless) exercise:

Choose three words to describe your style or what you would like it to be. As you go through each piece in your closet, ask yourself if it aligns with those words. If it does, great! It stays. If not, to the Goodwill/clothing swap pile it goes. Easy enough, right?

Mine are classic, sophisticated, and effortless. Below, I’ve pulled a few pieces that I think define my style. Now, your turn!

If you follow that fun formula, you’ll not only have a much clearer picture of your personal style, but also save time in the mornings having only your fave go-to pieces looking back at you.


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