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Banana Republic suit (blazer and pants) | Equipment blouse (in black or white or similar) | Valeria Jewelry necklace

Move aside Millennial Pink. Lavender is stepping in as the It color. Whether you make it the focal point of your outfit by going head-to-toe lavender or wear it with other colors (it compliments a wide array of colors, like pink, silver, and denim), it’s proven to look good in any form – suits, dresses, knits, shoes, just to name a few. I love that no matter how you wear it, it gives a fresh, ethereal feel and you can wear it year-round.

I chose to wear this lavender suit from Banana Republic for a light-hearted and feminine look. I haven’t worn or bought a suit in a long time, but I was drawn to this one because the color redefines the power suit, making it just as playful as it is powerful. The power suit has come a long way since the Melanie Griffith “Working Girl” days. From the iconic Chanel signature suit that was made to accommodate the lifestyle of the modern post-war woman to the creation of the pantsuit in 1932 when the number of women entering the workforce surged, women’s suits as we know them today evolved hand-in-hand with significant milestones for women throughout history. Click here to read more about the evolution of the power suit.

In honor of International Women’s Day, let’s celebrate the achievements and strength of women, past and present!

J.Crew shoes (simliar)

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